Traffic Light Safety

Our message is simple.
Don't run a red light in the city of Apopka.
It costs you hard earned money
and most important it can save a life.

Red Light Cameras & Photo Enforcement

The Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act was signed into law on July 1, 2010. The law authorizes the use of traffic infraction detectors (red light running cameras) on state, county and municipal roads, streets and highways in the state of Florida. The city of Apopka has placed red light cameras at various intersections throughout the city. Photo enforcement has been chosen to increase the safety of the driving public and improve compliance with traffic control devices.

Commitment to Community Safety

The city of Apopka is committed to the safety of the community and dedicated to reducing preventable collisions at signalized intersections. The ultimate goal of the traffic light safety program is to change driver behavior. Every driver makes a decision when approaching an intersection where the light has just turned red. Impatient drivers often choose to continue through the intersection, ignoring the law and putting lives at risk.

National Safety Issue

Red-light running is a serious intersection safety issue across the nation. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a study in January 2011 showing that red-light cameras have led to a drastic drop in the number of fatal crashes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) Traffic Safety Facts 2008 Report, there were more than 2.3 million reported intersection-related crashes, resulting in more than 7,770 fatalities and approximately 733,000 injury crashes in 2008.

National Statistics

NHTSA's Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) reports that red-light running crashes alone caused 768 deaths in 2008. An estimated 165,000 people are injured annually by red-light runners. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that half of the people killed in red-light running crashes are not the signal violators. They are drivers and pedestrians hit by red-light runners We have provided some statistics which further amplify why red-light running is an issue that requires nationwide attention:
  • Ninety-seven percent of drivers feel that other drivers running red-lights are a major safety threat (Source: National Survey of Speeding and Other Unsafe Driver Actions, Vol. 2: Findings, Report No. DOT HS 809 730, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, May 2004.
  • One in three people claim they personally know someone injured or killed in a red-light running crash (Source: A Nationwide Survey of Red-Light Running: Measuring Driver Behaviors for the "Stop Red-Light Running" Program, Old Dominion University, June-August 1999.

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