Are there any water restrictions?
Yes. For more information, contact Public Services at 407-703-1731, or visit the Water Conservation Rules and Tips page.

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1. Where do I call for water and sewer service during business hours?
2. Where do I call for emergency water and sewer service after regular business hours?
3. Who provides me with sanitation/garbage/rubbish removal?
4. Do I need to come to the Utility Billing office to start new service?
5. How often will I receive a utility bill?
6. How can I make a payment for my services?
7. What is your mailing address to mail a utility payment?
8. Who do I contact to stop/disconnect my utility service?
9. Who should I contact to request my meter rechecked for possible leaks?
10. How may I make an address change for my utility service?
11. Are there any water restrictions?
12. What are the city of Apopka's service fees?
13. The statement shows to use your account and PIN to access my account on-line, but I do not show a PIN on my statement. Can I still access my account on the online Utility Billing Portal?