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Keep Apopka Beautiful: Team Member Interest Form

  1. Keep America Beautiful Team Member Interest Form

    The City of Apopka is excited to announce that we are in the process of becoming a Keep America Beautiful Affiliate!

    Are you a community business, government or civic sector representative interested in serving on the Keep Apopka Beautiful affiliate Team? If so, fill out this Team Member Interest Form below. 

    We want to thank you for your interest.
    Visit our Keep Apopka Beautiful Page for complete details. 

  2. Which sector best describes your representation?*

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  3. Please indicate the following areas of expertise that you are knowledgeable in:*

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  4. Are you able to commit to attend a 4-hour Training Workshop?*
  5. Are you able to commit 4-6 months to working on accomplishing assigned tasks needed for the affiliation process?*
  6. Please indicate which Task Group you are interested in serving on:
  7. Discuss personal interests, experience, and qualities that you believe will serve both you and the Team well during the affiliation process.

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