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One of the major advantages of obtaining a building permit is that you have technical resources available to you through the Building Official and the certified Multiple Code Inspectors. The Building Official and Inspectors have combined trade and code training of several decades. They answer questions and provide guidance, when asked, about a project that can save you time, money, and certainly frustration.

Obtaining a building permit ensures that construction in the community complies with State and Local laws and codes. You are assured that your drawings, plans, and specifications will be reviewed by qualified professionals to ensure required codes are adhered to. Having qualified inspectors on-site at appropriate stages of construction also ensures code compliance. It improves the safety for the occupants of any newly constructed building as well as any future occupants.

Obtaining the services and advice of the City’s qualified professionals will help to ensure that your building is constructed properly the first time. The dollar value of your asset can increase and liabilities decrease when you are able to show a prospective buyer that all required permits and inspections were completed.

A building permit is formal permission from the City to start a construction project. The plans review, building permit, and inspection process is designed to protect the owner’s interests, as well as those of the community. Obtaining a building permit helps to ensures that all construction is safe, legal, and sound. Do your homework before starting a project. Contact the City of Apopka Building Division at 407-703-1713 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Finally, it’s the law. There are legal liabilities that you can face if you don’t obtain a permit. Fines and/or work stoppages that the Building Official or the Inspectors can impose are a definite disadvantage. Additionally, unnecessary complications can arise when you later sell or refinance the property. Many lending institutions are requiring a final inspection and approval from the Building Division prior to final release of funds. 

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