Permit Requirements

Contractor Registration Requirements:

All contractors must be registered with the City of Apopka.

Person signing permit applications must be qualified in accordance with the City, County, and State Codes.

All contractors must submit a current certificate of insurance for general liability and workers compensation showing the City of Apopka as the certificate holder. The certificate should include the insured’s name, company name, address and the policy number. The insurance certificate must include a policy number; we will not accept a pending or TBA status. If worker’s compensation exempt, submit a copy of the approved worker’s compensation exemption from card issued by the Department of Labor (State).

All contractors must submit a copy of their current State certified license or registration and Orange County competency license for the type of work being performed.

The license and insurance certificate(s) wording of the company and qualifiers name must be the same.

Expired Permits:

Permits are valid for 180 days from the date issued or 90 days after the last approved inspection. If your permit expires, a new permit application and permit fee will be required (FBC