Permit Types

Building Permits are required to erect, enlarge, alter, remove, demolish or repair a structure in the City of Apopka. This includes everything from fences and garages to commercial construction, signs and additions.

Electrical Permits are required for all electrical work, including the installation of new electrical service equipment, existing service relocations, service increases, as well as fixed appliances and equipment connections.

Mechanical Permits are required for new construction, the replacement, repair or alteration of mechanical systems in structures.

Plumbing Permits are required for all plumbing work, including new construction, water service, drains, water mains, sewage disposal systems, backflow preventors and related fixtures and appliances. This includes gas lines, propane tanks, installation of fire and lawn sprinkler systems and associated piping to flammable liquids.

Engineering Permits are required for new construction, replacement, repair or alterations of paving, curbing and storm drainage work.

Other Types of Building Permits Include:

Fire sprinkler
Backflow Preventors

Please click here for a listing of downloadable permits.