Planning and Zoning Mission

To support the successful development of business and residential communities in the City of Apopka through the implementation of planning and zoning regulations that benefit and protect citizens of the City of Apopka.

The Planning and Zoning Division manages growth while protecting the environment and ensuring the availability of adequate infrastructure and school facilities, ensuring high standards of urban design, and establishing partnerships with citizens, interest groups and other agencies in the planning process. The Division is responsible for developing and implementing the City’s zoning regulations. Some types of applications and reviews that this Division is responsible for are commercial and industrial projects, structural permits, land uses, signs and billboards, fences, additions, arbor permits, and home occupations.

Growth management and development within the City are guided by a document called the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is evaluated and updated from time to time to ensure adopted policies meet changing development trends, needs, and goals of the City. Those amendments are then sent to the state for their approval. While the Comprehensive Plan is ever changing, it provides direction as to how the shape of Apopka will be in the future.

The Comprehensive Plan contains the following “elements”: Future Land Use, Housing, Transportation, Infrastructure, Conservation, Recreation & Open Space, Capital Improvements, Intergovernmental Coordination, and Public Schools Facilities. This document is the cornerstone for deciding the future land use for “what” a property can be used for, such as agriculture, residential, office, commercial, industrial, institutional/Public use, parks/recreation, conservation, and mixed uses.

Once the future land use is set, zoning sets the stage for how a property may be used. The city’s Land Development Code (LDC) provides specific development criteria. This document provides direction as to the review of development plans, zoning guidelines, sign criteria, variances, landscaping standards, and most other aspects related to the development of property.

The city has adopted the Development Design Guidelines to provide architectural and aesthetic standards.

The Planning and Zoning staff are available to provide information on all aspects of planning, zoning, and development issues within the city limits of Apopka.

David B. Moon
Planning Manager
(407) 703- 1739
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