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Unsolicited applications are not accepted.  Applications are accepted for available positions only. If you are interested in applying for more than one position, you must complete a separate application for each position.


Please clearly note the correct title of the position for which you intend to apply (not the department and/or division).  When applying on-line, supporting documents may be attached at the end of the application.  Please clearly identify the document, ie - "resume" or "cover letter".


Please do not apply multiple times for the same job during the same posting.  Retrieval and processing of applications takes some time - please be patient.


Police Officer applicants must complete the application provided by Apopka Police Department, the on-line application is ineligible for this position.


All other applicants, including Volunteer Fire Fighter applicants should complete the on-line employment application.


The City of Apopka reserves the right to fill positions prior to the closing date and also reserves the right to close the posting prior to the date indicated. Positions will be filled by competitive selection from among categories of qualified and available candidates. It is the policy of the City of Apopka to give first consideration to all employees and other internal applicants prior to considering external applicants.


The City of Apopka participates in E-Verify.  E-Verify is an internet-based system that compares information from an employees I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility.  For more information about E-Verify, click HERE.







Your social security number is requested for the purpose of payroll eligibility verification, processing employment benefits, applicant and employee background checks, and income reporting and will be used solely for those purposes.








Please refer to the City of Apopka's Human Resources Office for complete job requirements.  In the case of typographical errors, the official job description and current salary range prevail.





DEPARTMENT:       Public Services/Recreation Department

PAY RATE:             $8.0500/hr

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Assists with the implementation of routine recreational and educational activities and special events in the City’s seasonal day camp program. Work is performed under the supervision of the Recreation Manager and in accordance with established methods, schedules and procedures.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma or equivalent certification. Will consider high school students, with necessary experience and training. Experience in conducting recreational and/or educational children’s programs desirable. Valid State of Florida Driver’s License preferred, but must have reliable transportation to and from workplace.



DEPARTMENT:        Public Services/Water Treatment Plant

PAY RATE:              $12.0000/hr

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This is specialized, technical work responsible for assisting the Water Conservation Specialist with the implementation and coordination of the City's Water Conservation Program. The ability to work independently, with minimal supervision is essential. Work is performed under the direction of the Water Conservation Specialist and/or Water Resources Operations Manager and reviewed through observation, conversation, and evaluation of results achieved.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:High School diploma or equivalent recognized certification. Minimum of one (1) year of experience in the field of water resources management, irrigation and/or landscaping design. Knowledge of water conservation practices, Best Management Practices (BMPs), and local and state regulations, or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience. Must possess valid State of Florida driver's license.


TITLE:                     RECORDS CLERK

DEPARTMENT:        Police Department/Support Services

PAY RANGE:           $12.1678/hr - $19.0462/hr 

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This position is responsible for general office work involving receiving public visitors, typing, filing, computer entry and retrieval, use of various office machines, specializing in processing Uniform Crime Reporting Data, Statistical Crime Report Data, etc. Personnel assigned may occasionally be subjected to verbal abuse from irate citizens. Work is carried out under the general direction of the Records Supervisor and is reviewed through conferences, reports and evaluation of results obtained.

NECESSARY SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS AND CONDITIONS:  Subject to working irregular hours or shifts. Possible exposure to dangerous and hazardous situations and materials.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma or recognized equivalent certification. Proficiency in English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Possession of a Florida state certification for FCIC/NCIC operations. Must possess a valid Florida driver’s license.


TITLE:                     MAINTENANCE WORKER II

DEPARTMENT:        Public Services/Streets

PAY RANGE:           $14.0861/hr - $22.0495/hr

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This is manual work requiring the application of skills and knowledge of roadway and grounds maintenance activities. Work includes the operation of trucks and less complex automotive equipment, as well as the use of specialized machines, such as hand and power tools, repair and construction of concrete and asphalt streets, sidewalks, driveways and curbing, including the raking of asphalt to grade and the forming and rough finishing of concrete curb or sidewalk and mowing grass and trimming trees. Work is performed under the supervision of the Foreman or Crew Leader, with the general supervision of the Operations and Maintenance Manager, and is reviewed through observation, conversation, and evaluation of results achieved.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma or recognized equivalent certification required.   Two or more years in laboring work within the area of assignment. Must possess a valid State of Florida Commercial Driver’s License, Class B, or be able to obtain such within 90 days from date of hire.



DEPARTMENT:        Public Services/Water Distribution Maintenance

PAY RANGE:           $14.7899/hr - $23.1514/hr

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:This is a skilled position requiring manual work and the application of skills and knowledge above the basic Utility Service Worker I position. Employee may also act as a lead worker for short periods over one or two assistants, but does not exercise formal supervision over other employees. Work is carried out under the general supervision of the Utility Supervisor or Foreman. Work is reviewed through observation, conversation, and evaluation of results achieved

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma, or equivalent certification. Three or more years of experience performing work in water distribution maintenance or installation. Possession of Level 3 Water Distribution Operator license or ability to obtain license within 6 months from date of hire.   Must possess a valid State of Florida Commercial Drivers License, Class B, as a minimum.



DEPARTMENT:        Public Services/Waste Water Plant

PAY RANGE:           $19.8207/hr - $31.0250/hr

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This is skilled work in the operation and maintenance of the water reclamation facility and reuse facilities. Includes assisting in both preventive and corrective maintenance of plant equipment, machinery and related apparatus. Works in supervisory lead capacity during assigned shift or in the absence of the Water Reclamation Facility Chief Operator. Example: Overall supervision of a particular shift, supervision of B and C level operators, operator trainees and/or special projects. Work is carried out under the general supervision of the Water Reclamation Facility Chief Operator and is reviewed through observation, conversation, and evaluation of results achieved

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:   Graduation from high school, vocational school, recognized equivalent or combination of education and experience. Current State of Florida Class ‘A’ Wastewater Operators Certification. Must possess a valid State of Florida driver’s license.



DEPARTMENT:        Information Technology

PAY RANGE:           $21.8514/hr - $34.2038/hr

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Under limited supervision, installs and maintains local area network (LAN) hardware and software. Adds new users to the network and specifies their directory structures and system access, troubleshoots network usage and peripheral issues, supports Technical Support Specialist, resolves LAN connectivity issues, and maintains LAN and Internet connections. Staffs the City's help desk and provides on-call/after normal duty hours support, performs and verifies daily backups and provides end-user training. Work is carried out under the supervision of the IT Director and is reviewed through conferences, reports and evaluation of results obtained.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  BA/BS degree in Computer Science or related field is preferred; equivalent work experience/certification is required.  Must have two- to four-years of work experience in building, deploying and troubleshooting computer systems.  Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012 administration including SCCM and SCOM experience is a plus.  Experience providing support to senior staff and/or mission critical clients is preferred.  Two- to four-years system administration experience preferrred.  A+, Network+, MSCE and other technical certifications preferred, but not required.  Must possess valid State of Florida driver's license.