Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology is dedicated to providing the highest quality technology-based services, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, to facilitate the technological needs of all City Staff as it applies to their daily functions and in support of their commitment to providing the utmost quality of community and public service to the citizens of Apopka.

To accomplish these uncommon objectives, the Office of Information Technology will:

- Provide effective technology support for audio/visual, computer, multimedia, voice, video, web based applications and services to all departments.

- Promotes and facilitates the effective integration of technology into the basic mission of the City through planning, programming, training, consulting, and other support activities.

- Develops, enhances, and manages the City's enterprise networks to provide high speed, transparent, and highly functional connectivity among all information resources.

- Develops and maintains highly effective, reliable, secure, and innovative information systems to support instructional, administrative and research functions.

- Facilitates the collection, storage, security and integrity of electronic data while ensuring appropriate access.

- Promotes new uses of information technology within the City through the support for exploratory and innovative applications.

- Provides leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology.

- Provides rapid & reliable access to all information systems, from the network core to the user’s desktop experience.