What is Hazardous Waste?

It is defined as any product that includes any of the following words on its label: Flammable, Poison, Warning, Corrosive, Explosive, Danger, Pesticide, Caustic, or Acid. Latex or oil based paint, and items containing mercury, such as fluorescent lights and thermostats, are also considered hazardous waste.

Here are some other common household hazardous products. This is not a complete list, but it will help you understand which products you should be especially cautious about. Whenever you have questions about a product, you can call the Orange County Solid Waste Hotline (407-836-6601) for more detailed information.

- Wet paint: oil and water based, aerosols, stains.
- Pool chemicals: chlorine, acids.
- Petroleum Products: gasoline, oil, and diesel fuel.
- Rechargeable batteries: Ni-cad, Lithium.
- Cleaning products: strippers, cleaners, and soaps.
- Pesticides: insect killers, rodent killers.
- Herbicides: weed killers, tree stump rotters.
- Fertilizers: liquid and granular.
- Unknown or unlabeled products.
- LP Gas bottles

For your safety and the safety of our environment, please, carefully follow all product directions and avoid using these products in excessive amounts.