A deposit of the equivalent of two months of service is required for Commercial/Non-Residential Trash Collection.

Deposit for Newly Annexed Property

The city will waive the deposit requirement for any commercial customer who begins receiving city service within 24 months of annexing into the city and who maintains a good payment history with the city.

Curbside Trash and Recycling Cart Pick-Up

Non-residential curbside pick-up is limited to those locations where normal access of Sanitation Division vehicles is restricted and weekly demand does not exceed two cubic yards of trash per week.

Non-Residential Curbside Pick-Up (Two Weekly Pickups)
Number of Carts Minimum Monthly Fee
1 Cart $26.00
2 Carts $53.00
More Than Two Carts $26.00 Per Cart

Each business that receives curb-side service shall be provided one 95 gallon, black trash cart and one 64 gallon, gray recycling cart. Optional sizes of 64 and 35 gallon are also available. Additional carts are available upon request with an additional, one-time fee of $60.00 fee per cart.

Dumpster Service

Eight Cubic Yard Dumpsters
Number of Weekly Pickups Minimum Monthly Fee
1 $131.60
2 $263.21
3 $394.81
4 $526.42
5 $658.02
6 $789.62
7 $921.23
Extra Pickups - eight-cubic-yard dumpster - $60.00 minimum per occurrence

Six Cubic Yard Dumpsters
Number of Weekly Pickups Minimum Monthly Fee
1 $114.36
2 $228.73
3 $343.09
4 $457.45
5 $571.81
6 $686.18
7 $800.54
Extra pickups - six-cubic-yard dumpster - $50.00 minimum per occurrence

Four Cubic Yard Dumpsters
Number of Weekly Pickups Minimum Monthly Fee
1 $78.61
2 $157.22
3 $235.83
4 $314.44
5 $393.05
6 $471.66
7 $550.27
Extra pickups - four-cubic-yard dumpster - $40.00 minimum per occurrence

Two Cubic Yard Dumpsters
Number of Weekly Pickups Minimum Monthly Fee
1 $53.19
2 $106.38
3 $155.57
4 $212.76
5 $265.95
6 $319.14
7 $372.33
Extra pickups - two-cubic-yard dumpster - $30.00 minimum per occurrence

Extra pickups—Dumpster Two Cubic Yards or Larger

Additional pickups for Dumpster two cubic yards or larger, at times other than the customer's original pickup schedule, will be provided if scheduled with the Public Services Department before 11:00 a.m. on regular business days. The noted minimum extra pickup charge will also apply to any Dumpster that could not be serviced due to circumstances beyond the city's control, i.e., vehicle blocking Dumpster, incorrect materials in Dumpster, excessive debris around Dumpsters, etc.

Shopping Malls, Shopping Centers

Commercial sites where there are a large number of individual stores bound together by association or lease, such as malls, shopping centers or the downtown shopping area shall pay for the number and placement of refuse Dumpsters in total rather than on an individual basis.

Compacted Trash

Compacted commercial trash will be billed at a rate three times the normal rate for that size of Dumpster.

Additional Dumpster services

Install lock...$50.00

Replace lock...$10.00

Steam clean Dumpster...$55.00

Dumpster rental for special events...$130.00 for 1 pickup

Commercial Bulky Waste / Yard Waste / White Goods

The fee for bulky and yard waste over and above the number of pickups per week the business is currently paying for shall be a minimum fee of $30.00 for up to four (4) cubic yards and $15.00 for each additional cubic yard. The fee for white goods shall be a minimum $30.00 for the first two (2) items and an additional $10.00 for each item thereafter. An additional $10.00 per item charge for extraordinary handling which includes freon containing items such as refrigerators and air conditioners is required. Arrangements for pick up shall be made through the Public Services Department two (2) business days in advance.

Rates for commercial sanitation services may be adjusted annually, effective each October 1, consistent with the Refuse Rate Index (RRI), the Consumer Price Index (CPI), or three percent, whichever is less.

For further information contact the Public Services Department at 407-703-1731, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.