Residential Rates

Residential Trash Collection Rates and Fees

$17.00 per dwelling unit
1 trash cart; 1 recycling cart

$17.00 per dwelling unit
Monthly fees charged regardless of service being used or not.

Mobile home park
$17.00 per dwelling unit
Unless computed at commercial rates.

Additional cart(s)
$60.00 one time fee per cart, plus $8.00 per month
Limit no more than 2 carts each trash and recycle per household.

Back-yard service
$28.58 per dwelling unit per month

Carts not removed from the right-of-way by 7:00 pm of regular collection day are subject to roll-back fee.

Container Return
Carts that have been collected due to non-payment will be returned the same day if account is paid by noon.

Senior Discount or Permanently Disabled Discount
Only accounts with established discount rates prior to the adoption of Ordinance No. 2169, May 19, 2010, may continue with discounted rates.

Absentee/Vacant premises
Trash service must be discontinued for a minimum of 30 days

Yard Waste, Bulky Waste and White Goods Rates

Bundled/Bagged/Containerized Yard Waste; Bulky Waste; White Goods
First 4 cubic yards:
No charge, $10.00 for each additional cubic yard (minimum $10 charge)

Unbundled Yard Waste
First 4 cubic yards:

$10.00 for each additional cubic yard (minimum $10 charge)

Refrigeration Items Using Freon:
Charges apply to residential and commercial.