Yard Waste and Bulky Pick Up

Your yard waste and bulky waste are picked up once per week. Click here to determine the yard and bulky waste collection day in your area.

Regulations - Yard Waste

Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, branches and twigs.

Yard waste does not include landscape ties, fences or landscape pressure treated wood.

Yard waste should be bundled, bagged, or placed in a non-city issued trash container with handles not exceeding 30 pounds each.

Large branches must not exceed four (4) feet in length, four (4) inches in diameter and 30 pounds in weight and must also be bundled and tied.

A maximum of four (4) cubic yards per week, prepared as described above, will be collected at no charge. Four (4) cubic yards equals a stack 4 feet high, 4 feet wide and 7 feet long or approximately 30 bags.

Yard waste that either exceeds four (4) cubic yards per week, that is not bagged, bundled or containerized, is longer than four (4) feet or weighs more than 30 pounds each is considered a special pick up and will incur an extra charge of $10 per cubic yard. Any special pick up will incur a minimum $10 charge. Bulky and large yard waste special pickups are collected by mechanical lifts so please do not put yard waste or bulky items on or near water meters, transformers, utility poles or wires or mailboxes or other objects to prevent damage to these items or injury to the collection crew.Yard waste should be placed by the curb prior to 7:00 a.m. on the homeowner’s scheduled yard waste pick up day.

Yard waste may not be placed inside the garbage cart. If yard waste is placed in the garbage cart, the cart will not be dumped until the yard waste is removed.

Regulations - Bulky Waste 

Bulky waste is considered large household items such as furniture, large toys, homeowner remodelling debris that does not fit in your garbage cart.

Collection of bulky waste and white goods (refrigerators, stoves, etc.) and yard waste is inclusive in your trash service fee up to the first 4 cubic yards. A combination of bulky waste and yard waste may be included in the 4 cubic yards.

Bulky materials too large for normal collection may be picked up curbside on your  regularly scheduled yard waste pick up day. It is not necessary to call to schedule a time for regular pickup.
For bulky collections greater than 4 cubic yards requiring an additional pickup, advanced notice of 2 business days prior to your scheduled pickup day is needed. Additional charges apply.

White Goods (appliances) and Electronics

White goods include appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, microwaves, toasters and refrigerators. Electronics include devices such as televisions, dvd players, printers, computers, etc and are collected separately from all other waste on Wednesday.

White goods capable of becoming hazardous to persons or pets should be prepared for pickup so that the hazard is removed, i.e. remove fastening devices from doors of refrigerators and other appliances. Appliances that have contained or still contain Freon will incur a $10 charge per appliance.

White goods and electronics must be scheduled for pickup on any Wednesday with an  advanced notice of 2 business days.

Call 407-703-1731 to schedule an additional bulky pickup.