Veteran & Public Safety Street Naming Program

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do I have to completely fill out the Nomination Form and why does it require so much information?
Answer: The City is of the opinion that it is important to gather and collect sufficient information to make an informed decision regarding the eligibility of all candidates.  Incomplete Nomination Forms will not be accepted.

Question: What happens when the candidate’s name is put on the Program Names List?
Answer: The list is available for developers to select names for use in new developments.  When names are removed from the list for inclusion in a development, Public Services will notify the original Nominator of the action and where it is to be used.

Question: When will the candidate’s name be removed from the list and a street sign installed?
Answer: The City has no control over when the name will be removed from the list, if ever.  It is at the sole discretion of developers to select and utilize names from the list for inclusion in new developments.  Some names may never be selected.  Street signage is installed at the completion of new development infrastructure.

Question: Will there be a dedication ceremony when the street sign is installed?
Answer: No, the City is unable to hold dedication ceremonies for signs that are included in this program due to the volume of ceremonies that would be required.  However, the Public Services Department will notify the original Nominator after the Final Development Plan is approved by City Council, and the names are removed from the list for inclusion in a new development.

Question: Am I allowed to put a makeshift memorial commemorating important dates such as a birthday or anniversary near the street sign?
Answer:  No, memorials will be removed in accordance with standard City procedures.

Question: Can I change the look of the street sign?
Answer: No, all street signs in this program shall conform to the approved designs.

Question: I am a non-family member nominating someone for the program but the Nomination Form asks me to identify the next of kin. Why?
Answer: The City wants to notify the next of kin to ensure the family of the individual does not object to the request. The City will notify the next of kin after the Nomination Form is received via U.S. mail.