Program Winners

The Residential Conservation Award Winners ($50 credit on utility bills)

The City recognizes residents that have made efforts to conserve water in their landscapes. Examples of this have included residents that have used the City's Conservation Incentive Program to retro-fit irrigation systems to become more effective and efficient by putting micro-irrigation in plant beds, expanding waterwise plant beds, seperating plant and turf zones, using matched precipitation nozzles, and installing “Smart” ET Controllers.

Have you made water conserving improvements to your landscape or irrigation system or would like to? Let us know what you are doing to conserve water to be eligible for this award by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Contact the Public Service Dept at 407-703-1731 for more information on this program.


Past Winners

Marvin and Toby Guttman - Rock Springs Ridge

Trudy and Gerald Weiss - Errol Estates

Jim and Elaine Pinckney - Rock Springs Ridge

Ed and Diane Velazquez - Rock Springs Ridge