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The City of Apopka is the largest City in Orange County. The current population amounts to 40,406 (April 1, 2009, Bureau of Economics and Business Research, University of Florida). The City has experienced consistent, positive, population growth over the past 25 years. Even in recent times, when the County population has been experiencing a decline the City population continues to grow. Between 2000 and 2009, the City population grew by 52%. The City plans to continue that growth in the future. By 2020, the City projects a population of 84,000.

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Age, Race and Families

The median age for Apopka residents is 34.1 years . The racial distribution for the City of Apopka is ~ 40% White, 29% Latino, 12% Black or African American, and 18.3% Asian or other.

Apopka has a higher than average concentration of families. Families represent 75% of the Apopka population.

Population by age

Household Income and Cost of Living

Apopka has a higher median household income ($60,656) than the County and the State ($49,768 and $46,602, respectively) and one of the lowest cost-of-living rates (0.95) in the Metro Orlando area. The U.S. average is 100.

Graph of median household incomeGraph of cost of living


With a low cost of living, a high median household income, no personal income tax and an affordable, high-quality housing stock, Apopka offers an opportunity for many prospective home buyers to enhance their lifestyle.


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