Apopka Gold Seal Program

City of Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson and the Let’s Restart Apopka Task Force have launched the “gold seal” program to allow businesses who have been fully or partially effected due to COVID-19 to reopen in a way that will give public assurance that the business is taking precautions. While this program is voluntary, businesses are encouraged to participate as it will assist in putting customers at ease.


To receive a “gold seal” designation, businesses must meet three criteria:

  1. Staff and customers must have their temperatures checked daily.
  2. All staff and customers must wear a mask.
  3. Businesses must have special arrangements for customers and employees who are at higher risk, such as the elderly or those with underlying medical conditions.

These criteria are in addition to state requirements for social distancing and sanitation standards. 

Note: Businesses interested in purchasing a non-contact thermometer can contact the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce at 407-886-1441. Businesses are also welcome to use their own thermometers.  


Businesses who get a “gold seal” designation will also be eligible to use the COVID SafePass app. Developed by Medek Health, COVID SafePass is an app that tracks a consumer’s health stats, sets telemedicine appointments, finds the nearest testing site, and alerts you if you’ve visited a business where an outbreak occurred.

The COVID SafePass app will be available to city businesses and residents for free. After a month, the employer app will increase to $1 per employee for businesses per month.

Once the criteria for a “gold seal” designation have been met, businesses will receive a certificate with a gold seal from the City of Apopka. Businesses are encouraged to place the certificate on windows near entrances.


Businesses that are interested in receiving a “gold seal” designation may contact Nicole Kennedy at (407) 703-1700 or nkennedy@apopka.net.