Street Light Outage


Streetlight Outage

City of Apopka residents are encouraged to report malfunctioning streetlights that they find throughout the city.  Duke Energy has up to 60 days to make the needed repairs according to state law, but most of them generally are made within 72 hours unless the problem is underground. 

It is easy to Request a Streetlight Repair:

Contact Duke Energy to report, by either submitting an online streetlight repair request, or phone by: (800) 228-8485 and press #3 from the voice menu.

You will need the following information:

Your contact information- Your contact information ensures that a Duke Energy technician can find and resolve the problem promptly.

Location- A specific street address, works best.  If applicable, provide the closest physical building or premise address.  Details help.  For example, “light out on SW corner of Valor Station parking lot across from BankFirst” is preferable to “light out in Valor Station parking lot”.

ID number on the pole- The pole ID number is normally located 2 - 7 feet off the ground on the pole.  Duke Energy will be able to identify the exact streetlight.

What is wrong-  You will need to select what is wrong with the streetlight, light out, light on during day, cycling on and off, broken globe and other if none of the choices apply.  When you select other, you can put notes in the box on the form.  The more information Duke Energy receives, the faster they can respond and fix the problem.

For Trimming Tree branches from Power Lines, contact Duke Energy directly. Because power lines are not maintained by the City, it is necessary for residents to contact Duke Energy directly for tree trimming information, (800)700-8744.