Paying Your Bill

For your convenience, the city offers several ways to pay your utility bill!
Apopka City Hall Annex Door
  1. Auto Pay
  2. Drop Box
  3. In-Person
  4. Online Payments
  5. Amscot Locations

Auto Pay - Bank Drafting Service for Water Utility Bills

Customers can have their monthly utility bills paid automatically from their checking or savings accounts using an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Direct Debit payment.

ACH Auto Pay saves time and money; no checks to write, no postage, no fees for the service, and your bills will always be paid on time.

What Auto Pay Users Can Expect
Auto Pay Customers continue to receive monthly utility bills indicating water consumption, amount owed and due date. The total amount of the bill is electronically deducted from their checking account each month on the due date, which appears on the bill.

Financial institutions list automatic payments on their monthly account statements.

For More Information
Questions and concerns may be directed to the Utility Billing office at 407-703-1727.