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eBill Authorization

  1. Utility Billing Division
    Telephone: 407-703-1727
    Fax: 407-703-1630
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  3. By submitting this form, I hereby agree to no longer receive a monthly bill statement via the US Postal Service. I will receive a notification by e-mail that a new bill has been created and is available for viewing. If my e-mail address changes, it will be my responsibility to notify the City of Apopka Utility Billing Division of the change so I can continue to receive notifications. This will remain in effect until I notify the City of Apopka Utility Billing Division to discontinue. All other policies, collections, penalties or fees of the City of Apopka will remain the same as if a paper bill had been mailed. E-mail addresses are public records under Florida law and are not exempt from public records requirements.
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